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Drowning Prevention Week

Did you know...
Drowning has caused over 2.5 million deaths world wide in the past decade.


  • Wear a lifejacket.

  • Know your limits and abilities for swimming.

  • Have young kid stay within arms reach.

  • Don't swim alone.

  • Always supervise your children -- stay off of your phone.

  • Stay sober while boating.

  • Water toys and floaties are not actually floatation devices, do not use them as one.

  • Take swimming lessons. It does not matter whether you are an adult or a child, taking lessons to help you swim better will benefit you. 

Swimming in open water is different than swimming in a pool. If you are not confident in your swimming abilities, then you should not be swimming in the open water. 

 Colouring Contest

Ages: 3 - 6

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Water safety sample.PNG
Ages: 7 - 10

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water safety sample 2.PNG
Ages: 11 - 14

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Contest closes on Friday July 23, 2021. Email finished copy to

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