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Swim-a-thon 2020 

The swim-a-thon is our largest fundraiser each year.  Traditionally, the swimmers raise money prior to the swim-a-thon and on the second Friday of lessons they play games and have fun celebrating MLSP.   

This year the staff has come up with games to play in the lake, pool or on land.  Have fun, enjoy a freezie (or some cheesies!) and think about swimming.  

We still have costs for our 2020 swimming season.  We are hoping that the swim-a-thon will ofset these costs, so we can provide water safety information for local swimmers.  Please download the swim-a-thon pdf to help fundraise.  

DOnations can also be made online 

via etransfer to

Water Activities 

Cannon ball contest: who can make the biggest splash. Try it with your family and see who can make the biggest splash. Remember you are going to need someone to judge your biggest splash. 


Smallest splash: now you already did your biggest splash challenge, now it’s time for you and your family to see who can make the smallest splash. Now the trick is you can not slip in or roll in the water, you must jump. Remember you still have to have a judge.


Floatie Race: grab whatever floatie you can that you will be able to sit on or lay on. If you have a pool line up on one end, if you are in the lake line up at the end of your dock or the end of the beach and decide with your family where you want the finish line to be. Remember to choose someone to be the referee. When the referee yells “Go,” race to the other end of the pool or the designated spot you and your family decided on. Whoever falls off of their floaties are disqualified. The first player to the end wins!

Sharks and Minnows: Pick one player to be the “shark.” The rest of the players will be “minnows.” The “shark” goes to the middle of the pool, while the minnows gather on one end of the pool. When the shark yells, “GO,” the minnows have to swim to the other end of the pool – without getting tagged by the shark. If a “minnow” player is tagged, the minnow has to leave the group and become a shark. As you play, the group of sharks will grow, and the group of minnows will shrink. The last minnow to survive without getting tagged wins the game.

Whack a wet mole: pick one person to have a pool noodle and others to be the moles, the object of the game is to try and whack (whack nicely) the others who are Bobbing up and down across the pool or lake. If you are in the lake and cannot touch the bottom have the mole sit on a floatie while the others swim while bobbing their heads out of the water. 

Whacky jump: remember for this game you will need a judge. Everyone who is participating have to try and have the wackiest jump they can ever think of. Have a practise jump and then you can have 2 other jumps. That means you should have 3 rounds. A practise round and 2 real rounds. 

Chicken: pick someone to be the leader, now the leader has to do a funny walk, a funny jump into the water or a funny impression of somebody (nice not mean). After the leader does what he wants, the others must copy the leader. Once everyone has copied the leader and the person who copied them the best than they will go next and have a turn to be the leader. 

Dolphin Race: each person or group, if you have more than two people you can make the game a relay. You will have a ball or small floaty in front of you, the object of the game is to push the ball or floaty to the other end of the pool or (designated spot chosen by everyone) the trick is you can only push the ball with your nose and nothing else. First person or team to finish are the winners. 

*if you choose to play with teams you can make it a relay. Have the same number of players on each team, once the first player gets to the end the next will go. Whichever team finishes first will win. 

Fishy in the middle: pick one person to be it in the middle. If you have a lot of people to play the more fun the game will be. The person in the middle is the fish. The others are to line up on either side of the person in the middle with a ball(soft or a nice small pool toy that will not hurt anyone) each people on the sides have to throw the balls over to the other person without letting the fish get there ball. If the fish gets one of your balls than it is then your turn in the middle to be it. 

Mermaid Race: this game is to see how face you can swim if you were a mermaid or merman. Put your hands down by your sides and legs and feet together. The object of the game is to swim to the other end of the pool or chosen spot as fast as you can by just moving both of your legs as if they were one leg. 

Land Activities 

Kick the can:

What you need: metal can

one person is chosen as it and has to be placed in the middle of your decided play area. The metal can is then placed in the middle with the person that was chosen it. The other players have to run and hide, if found and caught you are placed in a holding pen. If one player manages to kick the can in the middle, then all the players in the pen are released.


Freeze Tag: choose a person to be “it” when you are caught you have to stay in the spot you were tagged and wait for another player to unfreeze you.


Capture the Flag: split up into two teams. Each team has to show the other what they plan on using for the flag. Next each team has to hide the flag in a spot where you can still see it a little bit. Then make sure you make a boundary line, so you know when you are safe on your side. Then you can start your game. If you get tagged on the other team’s side, you are sent to the jail area where you have to wait for your team members to come tag you out. If you get the flag to your side without getting tagged, then your team are the winners.



Statue: one player is chosen as the statue at the start. The rest of the players have to run around, as soon as the person that is the statue yells statue then whoever is running has to stop where they are and not move. If you move in the slightest and the statue sees you than you become the statue that is “it”


Sardines: one person is chosen as the hider, everyone else has to try and find the hider. Once a player finds the hider, they join him in the hiding spot by laying on the ground like a sardine in a can. The last person to find the hidden group loses the game. Then they become the hider.

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