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The MLSP is run by a volunteer committee that serves under the umbrella of Land O' Lakes Community Services.  Currently, we have 5 members.  

Roch Benoit

“I have been on the Mazinaw Lake Swim Program committee for the last three seasons, but have been attending beautiful Bon Echo Park for swimming lessons with my children for the past 12 years.  I believe in this program as swimming is a skill that everyone should have; both young and old, and I am proud to be associated with the Mazinaw Swim Lake Program.”


Ryan Cuddy


Beth Hasler

“I have been part of the Mazinaw Lake Swim Program Committee for about ten years.  I joined when I heard  Pat Cuddy was stepping back, and that lessons may be cancelled.  It took a group to replace Pat! 

I learned to swim in Lake Huron at the family cottage at Sauble Beach. We learned to respect the water and it’s dangers, like the undertow.  I followed my siblings and was a competitive swimmer for a few years and a lifeguard and swim instructor.  The MLSP teaches kids to swim and to be safe around water.  These skills have always been important to me and that is why I joined the committee.  Since being on the MLSP committee, I have learned that MLSP is more than just lessons, It is part of our community.  Kids and their families look forward to the annual tradition of lessons in the lake.”


Mary Kelly

“My name is Mary Kelly & I’ve been involved with the Mazinaw Swim Program for 7, possibly 8 years.  My 3 grandchildren have learned to swim in this program, something they would ever have been able to afford or have the opportunity to do in Toronto.


Pat Cuddy sent a letter to parents letting them know that there was only $25 left in the bank.  She said unless MLSP got help through fundraising the program would have to fold.  I said I would join the committee & asked how I could help.  I was tasked with writing letters to various organizations & individuals letting them know what the situation was & asking for their help.  The response was amazing & I've continued to do this every year.


Water safety is very important in our area with so much open water around.  The program was started by local women after the tragic death of 2 local siblings 49 years ago.  These women vowed to start a swim program so this would never happen again & the program has been running ever since.


This is a program that teaches children, both local & visitors the very valuable gift of learning how to swim.  This is something I never had as a kid but I still hope someday to learn how to swim.”

Emily Yanch

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