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Ian Binns

“My name is Ian Binns and this is my fourth year with the Mazinaw Lake Swim Program. I have also been swimming competitively for the past 11 years. My first year with the program, I took the Bronze Medallion course and it was a lot of fun- I learned a lot as well. 


Swim Safety is extremely important as accidental drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children. I am very glad that I can teach kids how to swim and stay safe around the water with the MLSP.”

Tom Birnie-Wortley

“My name is Tom Birnie-Wortley, and I have been with the Mazinaw Lake Swim Program as a Beach Helper for three years. Swim Safety is important as hundreds of people die every year and many had never even planned to enter the water. I believe everyone should learn how to stay safe around the water so that there can be less drowning related fatalities every year. 


I love the MLSP because it has great aims in drowning prevention, and the people I work beside are amazing.”

Avery Cuddy

“I have been a part of the Mazinaw Lake Swim Program since I was 5, I went all the way through lessons and started teaching in 2018. I now have my Water Safety Instructors, Swim Instructors, Life Saving Instructors, Emergency First Aid Instructors, and National Lifeguarding. 


Water safety is very important to me as it affects many people and no one is immune, even highly trained swimmers and lifeguards are at risk of injury and drowning. MLSP is a great way to stay active and engaged during the summer, usually when lessons happen, you are with the same kids all month and get to make new friends.”

Amber Verbruggen

“I started swimming with the Mazinaw Lake Swim Program at the age of three, and have since been with the program for 14 years- 4 of them as a staff member. I continued my love for swimming by becoming certified with Water Safety Instructors, First Aid/CPR Level C and am currently working towards National Lifeguarding this year.


The MLSP was always something to look forward to every year. From it’s friendly and encouraging members, to its beautiful location. It’s an excellent place to not only learn swimming skills and safety, but to build friendships, continuous love for being outdoors and to stay active during the summer. The program is engaging and fun for all levels of swimmers, and challenges you to reach your goals in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Swim Safety is vital for everyone to have, especially being in such a beautiful area with vast amounts of water, because it’s the knowledge you fall back on while swimming, or in the event of a water emergency. You never know when you’ll need it.”

Alyssa Borger

“ I have volunteered with, worked with, and took lessons with the Mazinaw Lake Swim Program.

Swim Safety is important to me because we live around a lot of water. The chances of someone asking you to go boating with them or swimming with them are high. If you have experience and know about swim safety, you are able to be safe around the water and there is less of a chance that you can get hurt or end up drowning. You also can help others become aware of Swim Safety.”

Camille Cote

“I have been with the MLSP since starting the program as a student 8 years ago. I started the program at level 10, and progressed through taking the Bronze courses, becoming a Water Safety Instructor, lifeguard, and ended last year as the Swim Safety Supervisor. 


Swim Safety is important to me as particularly in this area we are surrounded by multiple lakes. Allowing youth and teens to learn about how to be safe in the water and learn about boat safety can save lives. Knowing when it is safe to swim and how to swim is very important for children to learn and understand. 


Our program is the only one in the area that provides transportation to and from lessons, lots of 1 on 1 time with each student, and patiently introducing new swimmers to the water.”


Aydan Demers

“My name is Aydan Demers, and this is my third year working with the Mazinaw Lake Swim Program.


 In my opinion, Swim Safety is important to prevent injuries and potential drowning-related fatalities. It helps people understand the dangers of the water, and how to work around it to deal with them.


 MLSP is a fun and safety-oriented program, allowing the children involved to have fun in a safe environment while being educated on water safety and swimming techniques.”

Julia Cuddy

“My name is Julia Cuddy, and I have been with the Mazinaw Lake Swim Program since I was 4 years old. My experience with the program has been amazing. You can learn the importance of swimming and your skills in an encouraging environment. The instructors only want what is best for you, and will do anything to get you there.


Swimming is important to me because it can be a life or death situation. It is such a simple life skill everyone might look past, but if you are put in a situation where you need to know how to swim but cannot, you will find yourself in some trouble. It is such an important skill, regardless of age.”


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